ANNOUNCING:  “GreenCardGo!” and “GreenCardGoPro!” Apps Now Available!!

We’re very excited to announce we’ve just released our self-consultation apps, “GreenCardGo!” and “GreenCardGoPro!” this week on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android!!  The apps support both English and Spanish.



Everyday we get many calls and emails from readers of this blog and from people around the world asking, “How do I immigrate and get a green card to the US?”  or “How can I become legal when I’m already here and don’t have documents?”  We always tell them this is such a broad subject — there are many possible ways to get a green card — that it’s almost impossible to recommend any particular method without the attorney speaking to that person.  Sometimes a person won’t qualify for anything immediately, but it’s not possible to say until a consultation is done with that person, after much back-and-forth questions and answers.

These apps will allow anyone in the world to have access to our basic consultation as if they were sitting in the attorney’s office here in Los Angeles.  We believe there’s no other app quite like these on the market, especially one available for free and, for the paid version, at such a low price.   The apps will take you through a series of questions about yourself and based on your responses, will recommend the best methods of obtaining green card.  As readers of this blog already know, our blog here leans heavily toward family-based immigration (for example, this) and so “GreenCardGo!” is the same way.  However, if you’re fortunate enough to have received a job offer from a US employer willing to sponsor you for green card, the apps can handle that situation, too.

For most people, it’s not only themselves who are interested in getting a green card, they’re also wondering how their spouses and children can obtain one, too, at the same time.  These apps will show how, and if and when that’s possible.

For those of you already living in the US and without documents, the apps will show you how to obtain your green card by filing the necessary waiver application, such as the I-601A provisional waiver, which we have blogged about in the past (see here).  Under other situations, the apps will show when a waiver is not necessary.


The app is sophisticated enough to deal with certain difficult situations.  For example, it can handle the situation when a child is over 21 and seems to have “aged-out” from getting the green card with the rest of the family, but because of the law known as the Child Status Protection Act, will be deemed to be under 21 and thus can still obtain their green card.  The app will alert you when this type of situation is present and has the correct procedure to deal with it.  There is nothing quite like this on the market.

Spanish is fully supported:



“GreenCardGo!” is the free version of the app while “GreenCardGoPro!” is the paid or premium version.  The great advantage of Pro! is that when the app gets to the end of the “consultation,” it will generate and email to you a pdf printout that summarizes all the recommended methods of getting the green card that you may have qualified for and it also lists all the questions and answers you’ve selected during the app.  This is extremely useful to have as a record of your session in case, for example, you want an immigration attorney to verify what the app recommended, which we highly recommend, or if you just want to run the app again and want to make sure you’ve got the same results.

GCGP reportGCGP informe


The apps are very easy user-friendly yet pack a wealth of information.  Please check them out and let us know what you think. If you like the apps, of course, we highly appreciate your reviews!

Happy green card hunting!

Larry L. Doan, Esq.

4 Responses to “ANNOUNCING:  “GreenCardGo!” and “GreenCardGoPro!” Apps Now Available!!”

  1. […] Our new self-consultation apps on how to immigrate to the US, available as described here, are for applicants who do not have these grounds on their records, except for No. 3 below […]


  2. Esta muy bien, Señor Guru!

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  3. Hey this looks amazing! I can honestly say, as a part of a family of immigrants, myself, this new app looks like the next step in what’s been missing for so many of us here! Why hasn’t anyone done anything like this, before? Thank you!!

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  4. Wow, Guru, that’s great! Definitely gonna download these. Been following you for years and always wanted to consult but couldn’t. Maybe the app will help.


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