Boyfriend got DUI hit-and-run and now deported

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Today we have a very interesting question from a young woman that illustrates that sometimes, loved ones and close friends are very concerned for the immigrant and want to help, but unfortunately are prevented from doing anything under the law.

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Dear GuruImmigration,

My boyfriend (we lived together but weren’t married) got a DUI, hit and run he was in jail
and got sent to Mexico on early January but not deported and he had a court date for early April. When he was trying to cross the border to come back in March 19 he was caught by the border patrol and they deported him for 5 years. He got send to Mexico when we had just had our first baby he was a week old. is there anything i can do? Can I apply to get him a legal residence card? I’m a legal resident. if i can howmuch would it cost? would i need to go get married?
THANK YOU for all your help


Probably nothing can be done for years. First, boyfriends and girlfriends cannot do anything for each other. So, you would have to get married to him first. Second, lawyers who answer need to tell you upfront that with only a green card (i.e, you’re a legal permanent resident, not a US citizen), even if the deportation could be waived for your husband (when he becomes your husband), and you apply for him today as the spouse of a legal resident, he is stuck in Mexico until a visa number is available for a spouse of a legal resident. And when will that be? Well, currently they’re running about 4 years behind for Mexicans in that category. SeeWhat to Look for When Your Green-Card Holder Helps You Immigrate.”

If you apply for citizenship (at least 5 years after obtaining green card), then the wait won’t be 4 years. But, the waiver of deportation will be pretty difficult to get approved, especially since he has repeated illegal entries to the US AND he has a DUI hit-and-run on his records, which is very bad.

Few cases are impossible, but this is a pretty difficult case. Cases like this can sometimes be successful, but it will cost you a LOT of money in attorney’s fees because so many resources have to be thrown at it. And, frankly, in this economy, a lot of people are not willing to spend that money.


Larry L. Doan, Esq.


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